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Какво трябва да знаете, преди да отдадете имот под наем в AirBnB?

Наръчник за начинаещи За собствениците на имоти в България, които отдават или планират да отдават апартамент под наем в платформата Airbnb, е от съществено значение да са добре запознати, както с основните термини, които се използват в платформата, така и с правилата и условия за публикуване на жилище. Подготвили сме ви едно кратко ръководство, което […]

Boris Pavlov on Bloomberg TV

The founder of Flat Manager, Boris Pavlov, had the pleasure of being a guest on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. In the "Business Meeting" program, Bobby told the presenter Tanya Krasteva about the news in the company and the first steps towards international expansion. The company recently introduced the possibility of a franchise partnership and is already working on this principle in Bucharest. The model is extremely successful [...]

Данъци и задължения при отдаване на апартамент на нощувки в Airbnb

Последно обновяване: 03.05.2022 Как да отдаваме апартамента си през Airbnb и Booking.com законно и всичко важно за регистрацията в Airbnb и Booking. Необходимо ли е съгласието на съседите? Какви данъци за наем на апартамент трябва да плащаме? Какви са административните ни задължения? Намерете отговорите на тези въпроси в безплатното ръководство на Flat Manager. Създаването на […]

How to prevent a post-holiday hangover

A year and a half ago, we advised you to buy centrally located properties suitable for short-term rental. Our arguments were several - supply on the Airbnb and Booking.com platforms was at record low levels, mortgage interest rates too, and alternative investments such as stocks and cryptocurrencies carry many risks. The balance to date at […]

Flat Manager in partnership with Colliers for the new LTRM service

Flat Manager is among the largest companies in Eastern Europe for the management of properties that are rented out short-term through platforms such as Airbnb. We have also developed our own platform aimed at business customers and digital nomads whose stays range from 2 to 52 weeks - FlatAway.eu. The only segment in our field that we did not cover was long-term rental [...]

Представяне на Дългосрочни наеми и продажби с Флат Мениджър

We present to you our new services for mediation in buying and selling and long-term rental of real estate. A digitized process with no commission for tenants and buyers and with the lowest fees for property owners! For nearly 5 years now, we have been a bystander to a fundamental problem with the functioning of the real estate market in Bulgaria. It does not pass and [...]

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